All Warzone Bunker Codes And Maps

Are you looking for the hidden bunkers in Warzone? There are several bunkers located throughout Verdansk, each one containing game-changing amounts of loot. Whether you need money, powerful weapons, and killstreak rewards, these bunkers will likely tip the game’s balance in your favour.

You may be late to the party, but everyone else in the battle royale game is fully aware of the riches these bunkers hold. Be prepared to fight off squads if you attempt to open any of these vaults, as other players will be constantly on the lookout for game-winning loot. We highly recommend playing with a group of friends if you want to open a bunker early on in the game.

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest updates, more than half of the bunkers have been locked off in Season 2. Verdansk is about to be completely destroyed by the nukes located within these bunkers. The next Warzone map is rumoured to be themed around Black Ops Cold War, aligning all three Call of Duty modes to the same timeline.


There are 13 bunkers in Warzone. Six of these bunkers can be unlocked using access codes, five bunkers require a Red Access Card, Bunker 11 requires the most steps to open, and the final Airport Bunker doesn’t need anything to access.

Updated Interactive Warzone Bunker Location, Bunker Codes, Train and Subway Map – Link in Comments with videos for bunkers – The final version of the map featuring basically everything you would need that is not on the game map. The subway is an underrated tool! Thx for the positive comments 🙂 from CODWarzone

Here are the Warzone bunker codes:

  • Junkyard code – 87624851
  • Kart Racing Track code – 87624851
  • BCH TV Station – 27495810
  • Warzone Farmland code – 49285163
  • Warzone Prison code – 72948531
  • Styor Spomenik code – 60274513


Locked bunkers featuring a green light above the door require a Red Access Card. Since the Season 2 update hit Warzone, it appears Red Access Cards aren’t dropping any more. It is currently impossible to access any of these locked bunkers without holding a Red Access Card.

Here are the Warzone bunker locations locked behind red access cards:

  • Crash Site
  • East of Karst River Quarry
  • West of Gora Dam
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Zozsni Spomenik


The Airport Bunker was introduced to Warzone during the Season One Cold War integration. Unlike the other 12 bunkers, you don’t need anything special to access the items within the stronghold. To gain access to the Airport Bunker, simply find the hole on the airport runway and jump in. Skilled players can even parachute directly into the bunker, giving them the perfect opportunity to score late game loot early on.

Unfortunately, this makes it a prime location for hot dropping squads due to the high quality loot. If you try to break into this bunker at the beginning of a match, you should be ready to fight off groups of enemies. Should you escape the bunker alive, there’s a good chance you may be able to find a Red Access Card, allowing you to loot another nearby bunker.


Bunker 11 is by far the hardest bunker to unlock in Warzone, but the rewards speak for themselves. Not only will you gain access to incredible loot, you can unlock the Mud Drauber MP7 blueprint which isn’t even available to purchase in the in-game store.


Just like Bunker 11, this is very difficult to access due to the number of players that can very easily ruin your objective. Breaking into the Stadium Bunker requires three keycards, codes from nearby computers, and a method to decipher the hidden code. We already know how lethal the best CR-56 AMAX loadout is, and if you do gain access to the Stadium Bunker, you can find a legendary Enigma CR-56 AMAX blueprint.

And that’s all the information there is on Warzone bunker codes and locations. It looks like new bunkers can be added to the game completely at random, so it’s worth keeping an eye out on this page for any future updates.

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