Dying Light 2 Development Update Set For next week


News about Dying Light 2 has been spotty over the past year or so, with most updates having to do with high-profile staffing departures – the studio cut ties with writer Chris Avellone following allegations of harassment, and narrative lead Pawel Selinger left the company in January. Now Techland, which has pushed back against rumours that its zombie game was in “development hell,” says it has news to share about Dying Light 2… next week.

“We’ve got a few words to share with you about the Dying Light 2 development process,” Techland tweeted cryptically March 12. “Be sure to be with us next Wednesday.” The tweet also included a link to the Dying Light Discord server, promising a first look at the announcement there.

After such a turbulent year across the games industry, this is the kind of announcement-of-an-announcement that could cause alarm among fans. With little word from the studio to go on and rumours of a stalled-out development, some players might reasonably fear that the studio is gearing up to announce the game’s cancellation.

That doesn’t seem to be the case, however. Techland is hyping the announcement up with a teaser clip that shows a zombie looming out of the darkness, and the company seems excited about the coming news.

Further, the company responded directly to one anxious fan on Twitter, saying that while it indeed “announced the game too early”, Dying Light 2 continues to make development progress, and that “it’s far from being in a dev hell”.

It’s possible – likely, even – that the studio is planning on announcing a new Dying Light 2 release date. The original launch window had been set for Spring 2020, but had been delayed indefinitely last January. The announcement won’t be about an early access period – Techland says that’s not a model that’s right for Dying Light 2.

We’ll see what Techland has up its sleeve on March 17.

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