Elden Ring From Elden Ring Modded Into Skyrim


The Elden Ring from Elden Ring, an upcoming game we know very little about, has been modded into Skyrim. The mod spawns the piece of jewelry, based on a literal interpretation of the game’s title, in a pool, forcing players to search for it.

The treasure, derived from FromSoftware’s next RPG game that we’ve seen zero actual gameplay from, is a small golden ring, now hidden in the depths around Dragonsreach. To get it, you’ll have to dive down to retrieve it, similar to Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, except the precious is memes based on an action-adventure game involving George R. R. Martin that we’re assured still exists.

What does the Elden Ring do? “Well, you’ll just have to find out,” reads the description on Nexus, from creator Sankese. Probably nothing, like the void the members of the Elden Ring community stare into, as they find ever more creative ways to kill time waiting for any sliver of information on Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest game. At the very least, you’ll be playing a game that is readily available, and is playable, a definite improvement in the Elden Ring state of affairs.

Some footage of what might very well be the open-world game in action leaked earlier this month, presenting a glimmer of hope that is sure to fuel anticipation for months.

Here’s the original trailer, from 2019:

An Elden Ring release date. Believe.

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