Football Manager 2021 comes to Game Pass PC this week


We’re big fans of strategy games here at PCGN – something about managing an intricate web of individual units with their own statistical properties that affect an even larger web of statistics is just so satisfying. …oh, no, I’ve actually just described sports, haven’t I? Well, anyway, we can stop pretending there’s any difference between sports nerds and regular nerds soon, as Football Manager 2021 is about to reach a much wider potential audience on Game Pass.

Yes, the latest entry in the Football Manager series hits Game Pass for PC in a matter of days. FM2021 will be available on the service as of March 4, just a few months after its initial launch. FM2020 was previously available as part of Game Pass, though it was removed from the service back in December. Happily, Game Pass’s FM-less days are coming to a close.

That’s basically it for PC Game Pass additions this month. A load of further sports titles are coming to the console version of service, including NBA 2K21, alongside EA Play additions like NHL 21 and Madden NFL 21. (Plus Star Wars: Squadrons, but Star Wars games aren’t really on-theme here.)

EA Play was supposed to be part of Game Pass PC already, but the rollout was delayed to 2021 – and now that we’re in 2021, there’ve been no further updates on when to expect it.

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