Gaming Laptop Stock Begins To Struggle With Increased Demand From Crypto Miners

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  • Gaming Laptop Stock Begins To Struggle With Increased Demand From Crypto Miners


If you’re looking to pick up the  gaming laptop at some point this year, you might want to take the plunge sooner rather than later, as they’re starting to suffer from the same unavailability as the best graphics card. While gamers have endured ongoing GPU stock issues for quite some time, gaming laptop stock is similarly plummeting as Digitimes notes a surge in demand from crypto miners.

Although the desktop RTX 3060 is nerfed against Ethereum mining, the mobile variant of the 3060 isn’t, making some of the latest gaming laptops look much more attractive for miners, despite their subpar cooling solutions compared to a dedicated mining PC.

Still, gaming laptop stock isn’t quite as depleted as GPUs just yet – a quick search on Amazon shows there are still plenty of RTX 30-based laptops in stock and available at MSRP prices. As the current crypto mining boom continues, stock could get much worse, however, so you might not want to wait around.

We can only hope that with the launch of Nvidia’s dedicated CMP mining cards, the bulk-buying of gaming laptops and GPUs might level off, leaving the hardware free for what it’s designed for – playing thePC games.

Plus, with the prospect of all future GeForce cards being nerfed against Ethereum mining, it looks like Nvidia is at least trying to keep its gaming hardware in the hands of PC players.

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