Huge Phasmophobia Update Fixes Bugs, Adds Features, Makes Game “Much More Stable”

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A massive Phasmophobia update has been released, adding new features, fixing bugs, and generally improving the horror game. In an opening comment, developer Kinetic Games says it all makes the game “much more stable.”

The patch notes are published on Steam, and it’s long list of changes. Off the bat, we have the latest features, these include the power to choose contract difficulty, more information on the sanity meter to show the average sanity level of the team, being able to switch the sound to mono, and an in-game button for switching ports. The latter two require a restart if used.

The ability to enter room codes using the numpad, a delay on shutting the truck door, changing character no longer unreadying everyone, and a “max amount” button for item selection are among the quality of life improvements. Ghosts become even trickier, now that they can open lockers and closets outside of a hunt, can follow you around corners, and will listen for voices and search the vicinity of the sound. Some of these features were already available to players in beta.

On professional difficulty, you won’t get a heads up if the ghosts replies to people alone or in groups, and the power’s is now always off to start. The dirty water objective has been removed due to difficulty, as has the temperature objective due to a number of changes around temperature mechanics.

Living players lose 15 sanity every time a player dies, and dead players won’t contribute to average sanity. EMF readers give out random readings now, ghost orbs and photos are now easier to see and load, respectively, and the ghost walking towards you is now an event. The banshee will target anyone if its target runs outside, the activity monitor is based on estimated value, not true value.

Temperature readings happen slower, with more variations, and rooms all have slightly different readings. If the power is on, the temperature will rise, unless a ghost is around, and if it’s off, it’ll gradually drop, and rooms will rise and fall at differing speeds.

The parabolic microphone has a much wider range now, moving to 30 meters, at 6 meter width, but it only provides the general direction of the ghost, and not exact location. Some sounds won’t be read any more. Tripods spawn in front of you now, and you can place candles similarly to the ghost writing book.

Some VR bugs include fixing when players couldn’t be killed if they lay down, players not being able to speak after a game, and a photo’s valuation was multiplied per player.

Prison isn’t a constant in contract selection any more, and some glitches, like the ghost’s boundary stretching beyond the cell blocks, or ghost getting stuck on cell block benches, have been fixed. Similarly, Asylum has had “Significant performance and load time improvements,” rooms have been changed around to help flow, CCTV has been moved to help when you’re in the truck, and the light switch at reception should be asier to spot.

A laundry list of general bugs rounds out the patch, from infinite sanity pill when the truck doors closed, to offline players getting booted after one round. You can check out the full list at the link above, all should now be gone, making your ghost game endeavours troublesome purely on the spectral side.

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