Next Week’s Free Game’s From Epic Is About Being A space Suit

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Games often have you pick up a suit of armour early on, but in next week’s free PC game from the Epic Games Store, you are the suit. After you pick up this week’s free game – Surviving Mars – you should turn your attention to what’s coming up next. It’s a blend of puzzles, adventure, and combat, and it’s called The Fall.

Like Surviving Mars, The Fall also features space suits – except in this case, that’s who you are. More precisely, you’re ARID, an AI that operates a mark-7 combat suit. The problem is that the human wearing that suit has conked out. They’re completely unresponsive, and your job is to ferry them to safety, medical attention, and possibly a nice sandwich.

We enjoyed The Fall quite a lot when it launched back in 2014, noting that while none of the adventure game’s various components stand out as particularly exceptional, they’re all used in service of a “killer premise” and a story that touches on vital issues like civil rights and identity without ever beating you over the head with its message.

Here’s the trailer to help set the mood:

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