Save Up To 41% On The Glorious Model D- Gaming Mouse, Biggest Discount Ever


Looking past the subreddit-inspired branding, Glorious is known for at least one other thing: pioneering honeycomb gaming mice alongside Thermaltake and Finalmouse. The aim of this is to shave down the weight of the gaming mouse to within an inch of its life, making it easier to swing the device across the gaming desk and click heads – perfect if you want the advantage in FPS games.

Dropping the ambidextrous approach of the more popular Model O, the Glorious Model D is more ergonomic for right-handed gamers and the Model D- (read: D minus) is its smaller counterpart. Fortunately, both are at the lowest price they’ve ever been in the US right now.

The matte black Model D and Model D- are currently 41% cheaper on Amazon US, sitting at $49.99. That’s an impressive $35 discount off their MSRP. If you prefer a shine to your mouse, the glossy black Model D- is reduced to $65 (24% off), while the bigger glossy Model D is $68 (20% off) in the US and just over £53 (21% off) on Amazon UK.

All versions of the Model D and Model D- have the same Pixart PMW-3360 sensor that goes up to 12,000dpi, six buttons, and Omron mechanical switches rated up to 20 million clicks. It’s their shape and weight that differ.

Both the Model D and Model D- have a 67mm width at the rear and are 61mm at the front, while the latter has a slimmer waist. The Model D- also has a lower profile and is just 120mm in length compared to its counterpart at 128mm. Curiously, both models weigh the same regardless of size, but the matte black version is slightly lighter at 68g while the glossy black finish adds another gram.

If you’re in the market for the best gaming mouse, then there are plenty to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with the biggest discount Glorious mice have seen to date. Stock won’t last forever, though, so don’t hang around.

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