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What are the best upcoming games to keep an eye on this year and the next? Hope, anticipation, agony, and elation – it’s the endless cycle of emotions we go through during the annual PC release schedule.

Year in, year out, games – via Steam and otherwise – are produced in such varying degrees of quality that not a single one of them is destined for certain success. Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, series are born while others dwindle and, occasionally, a game actually lives up to our expectations.

So how can we possibly navigate the dizzying number of announcements, trailers, and teases to find which of the upcoming PC games we should devote our finite supply of hype to? Us old PCGamesN sages have been round the videogame block plenty of times already, so we’re perfectly placed to tell you about the titles you should be saving your pennies up for. Below you’ll find the upcoming PC games you should keep on your radar, as well as their expected release dates.

Here Are All The Upcoming PC Games:


an AT-AT: a giant mech on two legs, plus an ewok: a tiny bear-like creature

Skywalker Saga gives you another chance to immerse yourself in George Lucas’ sci-fi fantasy world in the blocky form of Lego. But, this isn’t just a rehash of The Complete Saga with The Force Awakens tacked on: you get proper Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga space exploration in this one.

The films already covered in the game are being remade, and you can tackle them in any order but, you’ll now be able to explore space just as you did Lego Marvel Superheroes’ Manhattan. What’s more, you can fight and explore the inside of Star Destroyers, each made of 18 million digital bricks.
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga release date: Spring, 2021

Ruined King

YouTube Thumbnail

Ruined King may be a League of Legends game, but it’s also somewhat of a departure for the franchise. It’s a story-driven single-player game from Darksiders Genesis dev Airship Syndicate, and it brings together six LoL champions to adventure across Bilgewater and The Shadow Isles in a party-based RPG.
Ruined King release date: Early 2021

Far Cry 6

a man holding a shotgun, an old-style american car, and a run-down high-rise building

Far Cry 6 was leaked heavily before its reveal during Ubisoft Forward show, but we did at least get a great teaser showing new villain Anton Casillo – played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito – and the Havana-inspired setting.

Far Cry 6 will bring back the Fangs for Hire system, but deviates a little from previous Far Cry games in that it will feature the series’ first ever city setting. As far as the story is concerned it’s typical Far Cry fare, you play as revolutionary Dani Rojas and will battle to liberate the tropical island of Yara from the despotic El Presidente.
Far Cry 6 release date: Mid 2021


the outriders

As far as shooter developers go, the atmospheric new IP, Outriders, comes from good stock. People Can Fly created Gears of War: Judgement and the most overlooked and best FPS games that is Bulletstorm. The Outriders reveal shows that we’ll be getting intimidating extraterrestrials in our crosshairs as we wade through a dark, perilous world. As delve into in our Outriders impressions, there’s also classes that take inspiration from Diablo.
Outriders release date: April 1, 2021

Nier: Replicant

a hooded figure with a large pole on their back, set against a decrepit town

Okay, this one is going to get confusing. Nier: Replicant is a remake of the PS3 Japan exclusive cult RPG, originally one of two games made as a spin-off from the Drakengard series. We never got the PS3 version in the west, instead getting what was known as “Nier: Gestalt”. Both had the same core game, but different protagonists with altered relationships with a young woman. Replicant has you take on the role of her brother, while Gestalt makes you her father instead.

Nier was a game that didn’t get a whole lot of love from critics and sold quite poorly. However, appreciation for Nier has grown over the years and Nier: Automata was pretty incredible according to our review. So now is as good a time as any to give the original Nier another chance. While Platinum Games aren’t making this one, it’s clear that Automata has had an influence on Replicant’s combat. Maybe a second time around will change the game’s fortunes? Maybe both stories are there this time? So many questions!
Nier: Replicant release date: April 23, 2021

Pre-order Nier: Replicant at the Humble store

Resident Evil 8: Village

YouTube Thumbnail

The first glimpses we’ve had of the upcoming horror game’s Transylvania-inspired setting, werewolf-like enemies, and claustrophobic first-person perspective has us terrified in all the right ways. Village will also launch with Resident Evil Re:Verse, an online multiplayer deathmatch mode that will allow you to play as beloved characters from Resident Evil’s 25-year history.
Resident Evil 8 release date: May 7, 2021

Pre-order Resident Evil Village at Fanatical

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

YouTube Thumbnail

Time to jump back in the SSV Normandy for a reunion with Garrus, Liara, and pals – and they’re all getting a fancy makeover. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remastered edition of the Mass Effect trilogy – not a remake; but the original games in ‘super-sharp resolution, faster frame rates, and beautiful visual enhancements.’ All the base content and DLC from the original trilogy will be present, remastered for 4k Ultra HD.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date: May 15, 2021


Julianna Blake firing two uzi-looking weapons

Having played the Dishonored games, we’re excited about anything developer Arkane is working on, frankly. The latest is set on the fictional island of Blackreef as two legendary assassins lock horns. While we wait for the Deathloop launch date, we can only imagine the inventiveness and meticulous detail Arkane Lyon will imbue into this nicely stylised experience.
Deathloop release date: May 21, 2021

Pre-order Deathloop at Fanatical

Back 4 Blood

From the creators of beloved zombie co-op FPS game Left 4 Dead comes Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor that sees you fighting alongside your friends to defeat the Ridden, zombified humans who have been infested with parasites. Alongside the four-player co-op story mode, there’s also a competitive multiplayer mode where you can chase your friends around as a horrible zombie.
Back 4 Blood release date: June 18, 2021

Riders Republic

A cyclist hopping up above a rocky platform

If you like extreme sports then you’ll like new IP Riders Republic arriving later this year. Think of games like Trials Rising and Steep and add in a huge multiplayer world with challenges, trials, and competitions and you get a taste of Ubisoft’s new sports game. The trailer shows off just a portion of the gear you’ll be able to unlock as you tear up slopes and mountain ranges, and it looks pretty incredible.

Riders Republic release date: 2021

Psychonauts 2

upcoming pc games psychonauts 2

In Psychonauts 2 you continue playing as the same protagonist from the first game, Raz, who is a newly graduated Psychonaut with powerful psychic abilities. This sequel will delving further into parts of Rax’s family and the curse that continues to affect them.
Psychonauts 2 release date: TBC, 2021


A spartan holding their helmet

We’ve been waiting long enough for the Halo Infinite’s release date but now we finally have one, we can actually start getting excited for the “spiritual reboot” to Halo 5.

343 Industries says the game is so ambitious that it “needed” the new Slipspace Halo Infinite engine, so it’s going to look ridiculous. If that;s got you all hot and bothered, this official Xbox deodorant should do the trick.
Halo Infinite release date: Fall, 2021

The Outlast Trials

Three anguished characters wearing night vision goggles

The Outlast Trials lets you share the terror of being hunted by sledgehammer-wielding brutes with friends. This time you’re not investigating a hospital, instead you and your pals are human guinea pigs in experiments being run by the Murkoff Corporation. Oh, and you can forget all about carrying a camcorder with you everywhere for night vision, instead the chaps at Murkoff have drilled night vision goggles directly into your skull. You lucky thing.
The Outlast Trials release date: 2021

Total War: Warhammer 3

The third entry in the beloved Total War: Warhammer series of strategy games, Warhammer 3 promises more of the same tactical gameplay, with turn based map management and real-time battles. This time, the campaign takes place in the magical Realm of Chaos, with a campaign map “twice the size” of Warhammer 2’s Eye of the Vortex map.

The Warhammer 3 factions of the Chaos gods – Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh – will all be present, plus Kislev and Grand Cathay as human civilizations, with more to be announced.

Total War Warhammer 3 release date: TBC 2021

Pre-order Total War Warhammer 3 at the Humble Store


Thick smog. Barbed wire. A helicopter flying overhead. A man in a gas mask with a rifle

Besides the Facebook announcement from GSC Game World owner Sergiy Grygorovych that STALKER 2 is in development, we know absolutely nothing about the upcoming survival horror sequel.

All we have is an official site with a new logo and a release date. This isn’t the first time the game has been in production, but fingers crossed everything goes swimmingly this time.
STALKER 2 release date: TBC, 2021

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes

The Frogwares Sherlock games might not be on everyone’s radar, but if you love detective games as much as we do then the news that the studio is returning to the world’s greatest detective will bring a smile to your face. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a prequel to Frogwares’ other Sherlock games and will feature the series’ first proper open world setting.
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One release date: TBC, 2021


YouTube Thumbnail

Space combat shooters are few and far between, so the reveal of Choru(v?)s during the May Xbox Series X stream was a very pleasant surprise. Chorus is being billed as a single-player, story-driven experience where you battle to free the galaxy from the suffocating grip of an oppressive cult. We don’t know a huge amount else unfortunately, but the short trailer is packed with enough barrel-rolling spaceships to whet our appetite.
Chorus release date: TBC, 2021

GhostWire: Tokyo

Five silhouetted characters holding umbrellas

An action-adventure game with a twist, GhostWire: Tokyo is a new IP from the developers behind the Evil Within games, with all the spookiness, if not the survival-horror elements that entails.

The GhostWire: Tokyo E3 announcement trailer shows that the story from developer Tango Gameworks centres on the baffling disappearances of people from their home of Tokyo. Let’s hope this curio doesn’t go missing, too.
GhostWire: Tokyo release date: TBC, 2021


a scene from Prologue

Prologue is something from the developers of PUBG. The website bills it as a “an exploration of new technologies and gameplay”, and all we have to currently go on is a short teaser that features rain, a rock, the sound of breathing, and the distant sound of a dog barking. We would bet on it being a narrative experience with some horror thrown in, although it’s hard to see the studio moving away from multiplayer just yet.
Prologue release date: TBC


ekko from convergence and league of legends staring at a bright light

Another League of Legends spin-off, but this one follows Ekko as he travels through time. It’s an action-platformer helmed by Speed Brawl dev Double Stallion Games.
Convergence release date: TBC


A Biomutant racoon

Biomutant came from pretty much nowhere, but the vibrant and mysterious world revealed in its initial trailer has made us embrace it with open arms. So far, we’ve seen some typical RPG fare and character creation screens, but we do also know Biomutant has a karma system and a variety of attractive worlds from arid deserts to snowy mountaintops.
Biomutant release date: TBC

Babylon’s Fall

a group of adventurers staring at a vast bastion, which may be the Tower of Babel

The next offering from Platinum Games is a dark fantasy title, but we don’t have much else to go on than that when it comes to Babylon’s Fall. That doesn’t matter though: if it’s Platinum at the helm, we’re in.

The reveal trailer appears to reference the mythical Tower of Babel, but we’re most looking forward to engaging in what looks like electrical swordplay as considerably overdressed knights.
Babylon’s Fall release date: TBC


Foreground: A marked arm wearing a strange watch-like contraption. Background: an operative with a gun

Ubisoft’s limited-time PvE mode which ended with 4.5 billion zombies slain – if you check the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak stats – was just too well-made to be removed for good. Once Rainbow Six Quarantine was revealed at E3 2019, the spiritual sequel to it was official.

In the run up to the Rainbow Six Quarantine release date you can look forward to 3-player PvE co-op that features operators such as Ela and Vigil tackling the fallout of “an unknown and devastating parasite”. However, the rumoured Rainbow Six Quarantine permadeath features seem to make this a rather different beast from standard Siege.
Rainbow Six Quarantine release date: TBC

The Wolf Among Us 2

The Wolf Among Us 2 logo

One of the more surprising updates from The Games Awards 2019 was the return The Wolf Among Us 2. You can expect the same choice and consequence style narrative experience of previous Telltale games. Don’t expect it anytime soon, though, as developer LCG Entertainment has hit the reset button.
The Wolf Among Us 2 release date: TBC


You’d better prepare yourself for the Dying Light 2 release date: the decisions you make in this zombie parkour sequel will significantly alter the larger world as Dying Light 2 factions compete for control. And, that’s just during the day. With Chris Avellone and The Witcher 3 writers on narrative duties, this is looking promising.
Dying Light 2 release date: TBC


A huge ship with an angel of death holding a scythe on the front

Black Flag and For Honor meet for PvP sailing, piracy, and cannon-firing in Skull & Bones. With a familiar UI and control mechanism for anyone that’s played Assassin’s Creed’s seabound adventure, it’s got some strange scoring mechanisms, and its not just about wiping out the enemy team.
Skull & Bones release date: TBC

Project 007

YouTube Thumbnail

Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive has announced a brand-new project – and it’s a James Bond game. The teaser clip shows a bullet loaded into a gun, before panning around to reveal the iconic gun barrel shot – though Bond himself is nowhere to be seen. That’s all we’ve got about Project 007 so far, but we’re already sold.
Project 007 release date: TBC

Age of Empires 4

A samurai atop his noble steed

Age of Empires 4 is being developed by Relic Entertainment – the team behind Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

It’s exciting, of course, but does the RTS genre really need it? The series has been seminal in the triple-A strategy space, but we’ll have to wait and see whether Age of Empires 4 can imbue it with new life.
Age of Empires 4 release date: TBC

Dead Island 2

A group of zombie-slayers, with one character whacking a zombie with a chain-wrapped baseball bat

Dead Island 2 still exists, apparently, and is making “fantastic progress” at take-over developer Sumo. Exactly how much it’ll resemble the weird Californian sun-pocalypse we saw on display during the original announcement is anyone’s guess.

Development on the first-person zombie smasher has been chaotic to say the least. Last we heard in July 2018, Dead Island 2 is still in development. When it comes to the nature of its current state, however, is anybody’s guess.
Dead Island 2 release date: TBC

The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda finished its E3 2018 conference in the best way possible by announcing the upcoming PC game we all wanted: The Elder Scrolls VI. With only a teaser trailer of some rocky hills, ruined castles, and coastlines to go on, we’re still waiting on a setting, and a launch window, of course.

We didn’t hear anything more at the following E3, really. Game director Todd Howard let us down early at E3 2019 to say that there wouldn’t be any further news on The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, but stressed that Bethesda is “still hard at work” on both of them.
Elder Scrolls 6 release date: TBC


A star-shaped space ship floating through the cosmos

When Bethesda took to the stage at E3 2018, The Elder Scrolls 6 was not the only major surprise reveal. We can also get excited about their upcoming space game: although it may be some time.

It’s much further along than the company’s famous fantasy series, however, but that’s about all we know so far. Basically, when it comes to Starfield, “everyone should be very patient”. Regardless, it’s got our interstellar interest piqued.
Starfield release date: TBC

Star Citizen

The crew of a space base preparing a pilot for take-off

Without a doubt one of the most wildly ambitious games around, Star Citizen aims to be the ultimate space exploration experience.

Taking to the skies in one of numerous ridiculously detailed craft, you will engage in military service, become a reputable trader of goods, live the life of a smuggler, or become a universe-famous race pilot. That’s if development ever finishes, of course.
Star Citizen release date: TBC

System Shock 3

a cyborg-looking figure stands face-to-face with a giant face

While the original is getting an HD remake from Night Dive Studios, there’s another Shock project on the go elsewhere. System Shock 3 is likely a long, long way off, but we know Warren Spector is involved, and… that’s about it. Otherside Entertainment is doing the actual production, with Spector on board as studio director – we’re expecting to hear more from them throughout 2018.
System Shock 3 release date: TBC

Elden Ring

A character in a winged helmet, holding their arm. A blue-hued affliction is present on their hand

It’s a meeting of minds only the most optimistic of fantasy RPG fans could conjure up, but it’s happening. The Elden Ring E3 2019 trailer gives only cryptic clues for fans to dissect for months to come, but here’s the only thing you need to know: it’s a FromSoftware open-world game written by George R. R. ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Martin.

As you’d expect Elden Ring reflects Dark Souls’ gameplay in terms of difficulty, but combat, Miyazaki-san says, is “fundamentally different” and its FromSoft’s biggest game yet. Martin has reportedly penned reams of lore for this dark new universe, and we couldn’t be more hyped.
Elden Ring release date: TBC

Beyond Good & Evil 2

The cast of Beyond Good and Evil 2

Yes, it’s happening, but the Beyond Good & Evil 2 release date is probably a long, long way off. According to creator Michel Ancel, the team is looking for a lot of community input to get it moving, with help from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and hitRECord. A playable Beyond Good & Evil 2 beta was said to be in the works for late 2019, however it seems that has now been pushed back.
Beyond Good & Evil 2 release date: Beyond Space And Time, Probably

Project L

Project L: Mordekaiser knocking Ahri up into the air

So nice they announced it twice, Riot’s also dipping into the fighting genre. It’s fitting, then, that we first caught wind of Project L at EVO 2019, before getting another quick peek at LoL’s 10-year anniversary show.

Fighting games are a huge staple of the esports scene, from DragonBall FightersZ anime beat ‘em style to Mortal Kombat’ bloodier take on fisticuffs. We’ve barely seen anything of Project L, so we have a bit of waiting to find out what it’ll play like.
Project L release date: TBC

Skate 4

Chris'Cuz' Parry

We know nothing about it other than that it’s confirmed – still, we’re incredibly excited for the return of this series. Come to think of it, we don’t even know if it’s coming to PC…
Skate 4 release date: TBC

Overwatch 2

AI robots waiting to fight

Blizzard’s hero-based team shooter is getting a new lick of paint. PvP fans can look forward to a swathe of new Overwatch 2 heroes and a new mode that involves a robot pushing the payload for you, meaning that Overwatch players may now finally play the chuffin’ objective – although somehow we fear they’ll still find a way to ignore.

Story fans, meanwhile, get story PvE missions that focus on advancing the game’s overarching narrative and hero missions that allow you to customise your hero’s moveset with Overwatch 2 talents. We are hoping to hear more about Overwatch 2’s release date in February now that the 2021 Blizzcon dates have been confirmed.
Overwatch 2 release date: TBC

Diablo 4

The hero, being convened upon by demons

At long last, we’ve got some confirmation on Diablo 4. We always knew it would be coming, really, but getting a look at it is exciting. We know that the Druid class is coming back to join the roster of Diablo 4 classes, and we enjoyed our playtime with it at Blizzcon. Plus, it looks like there will be plenty of scope for creative Diablo 4 builds, especially with the reveal that Mythic items will be available.

Details are dripping out right now – there will be an open-world setting, and Blizzard has plans for extensive player customization. That said, the game still boasts the same balance of lootin’ and dungeon dwelling that fans have come to adore.
Diablo 4 release date: not even coming ‘Blizzard soon’

Suicide Squad Game

The back of Superman's head

We’ve been wondering what Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady is up to for years and now we finally have our answer: a Suicide Squad game. We can’t say it’s the game we were hoping for, but Rocksteady has done a terrific job with the Batman license so we’re quietly confident. There are no real details in the Suicide Squad game reveal, but the studio teased more details at the August 22 DC Fandome event.
Suicide Squad game release date: TBC, 2022


a vampire sat upon a neon construction with a butcher's knife

It’s been 17 long years, but now we finally have a sequel to the cult classic bloodsucker. The sequel is taking us to Seattle, but the land of coffee and grunge has been given a coagulated coat of crimson as you unravel another rich mystery.

Yet, while the original is remembered fondly for its engrossing narrative, it remained rife with bugs and disappointing combat. Luckily, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s gameplay plunders immersive sims such as Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex to make its vampiric fisticuffs just as engaging as its story. Following a switch of developers, we won’t be seeing a 2021 release, but we’re more than ready to sink our teeth in when it finally arrives.
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 release date: TBC, 2022

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ashley and Leon facing down a spikey zombie

After two very successful remakes in recent years it was only a matter of time before Capcom turned its attention to one of the most beloved entries to the series: Resident Evil 4. Details about the remake were reported by VGC and while it’s allegedly a long way off we’re still very excited to see what Capcom has in store for us.
Resident Evil 4 remake release date: TBC, 2022


a green-faced Kerbal with a satellite

The challenging space exploration game is set to launch back into our hearts with a host of new features, improved graphics, and a friendlier AI, which should appeal to long-awaiting fans and newcomers alike. Kerbal Space Program 2 is developed by Star Theory games and aims to bring an all new ‘next generation’ of features to the adorable physics puzzler.
Kerbal Space Program 2 release date: TBC, 2022

Wow, that’s a lot of games to get excited for, so luckily our anticipation levels are boundless already. Of course, it’s tough just keeping up with games as they come out, let alone remembering the games we should be saving for. For that we have a new PC games guide so you know the best titles you could be playing right now. For now, perhaps if you keep reading this list the games you want will come out quicker. It’s worth a go, at least.

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