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San Andreas And The Rest Of The GTA 3 Trilogy Are Reportedly Being Remastered In Unreal
After years of speculation – and parent company Take-Two’s recent revelation that it has multiple remakes or remasters in development – a major report now appears to confirm that the GTA 3 trilogy remasters are real. Updated editions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are reportedly due to launch this autumn,...
GTA 5 Modders Are Turning The Mile High Club Construction Site Into DLC
[ad_1] For close to eight years, Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Mile High Club has remained unfinished. The skyscraper’s skeletal structure looms over the Pillbox South Station of Los Santos Transit, and it’ll likely stay that way for a while longer. While GTA Online has seen the Diamond Casino open its doors and Cayo Perico become...
Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Delayed On PC Indefinitely
[ad_1] The online component of Watch Dogs: Legion was due to launch this month, but has been delayed to an unspecified time for PC players. The multiplayer version of the open-world game has been causing GPU crashes, and Ubisoft has decided to get the problem totally sorted before rollout. “We’ve identified an issue in the...
GTA Online’s Weekly Update Offers Double Rewards On Yacht and Plane Missions
Rockstar is also introducing a heap of discounts to help you get set up with what you need to tackle the missions. Several planes, such as the Jobuilt P-996 Lazer, are 40% off, and you’ll find that all hangers have been discounted by 60%, too. The Orion, Pisces, and Aquarius versions of the Galaxy Super Yacht are discounted by 50%.
GTA 5 Podium Car: Here’s What Vehicle You Can Win In GTA Online
Keeping tabs on the GTA Online podium car can be a bother, though, so we’re going to keep this GTA 5 guide updated so you have somewhere to check back on. On that note, here’s the GTA 5 podium car for this week.
What Mass Effect 5 Can Learn From Each Game In The Series
[ad_1] The ambition of the first Mass Effect game cannot be overstated. A young BioWare was taking risks and moving away from the isometric RPG games that had initially propelled the Canadian studio to success. It was an original IP, built using the newly released Unreal Engine 3, that put a starship at the player’s...
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